Substring In SQL

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            /* ............... START ............... */
SELECT SUBSTRING('SQL Substring example', 1, 3) result;
(1 row affected)

SELECT SUBSTRING('SQL Substring example', 5, 9) result;
(1 row affected)
SELECT SUBSTRING(ClientName, 2, 5) AS Name
FROM Client;  
/* This will extract the substring from the text in a column 
ClientName (start at position 2, extract 5 characters) */
SELECT SUBSTRING("SQL Tutorial", -5, 5) AS ExtractString;

/* Extract a substring from a string (start from the end, 
at position -5, extract 5 characters) */
                /* ............... END ............... */


  • The SUBSTRING() function in SQL is used to extracts characters from a string.
  • Syntax : SUBSTRING(string, start_index, length_of_character)
  • Above Syntax string parameter is the string passed for extraction, start_index is the index where the extraction starts length_of_character is the length of characters to extract from string.
  • start index of extraction for all string in SQL starting index is always 1.
  • If you pass negative number in length parameter it will throw and error.
  • For more information please refer the program section.
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