List In Python

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            /* ............... START ............... */
# Python list example
list_example = ["apple", "banana", "cherry", "cherry"]

# Length of list example
print("Name list length :"+str(len(name_list)))

# Accessing the index at 0
list_example = ["apple", "banana", "cherry"]

# Adding items in list

#Replace items in list
list_example.insert(1, "orange")

#Print all the content of the list

# Python print all content in list using for loop
for x in list_example: print(x)

                /* ............... END ............... */


['apple', 'banana', 'cherry', 'cherry']
Name list length :3
['apple', 'orange', 'banana', 'cherry', 'orange']


  • Python list example, list is a collection. In Python lists are written with square brackets.
  • List in Python allows duplicate members.
  • By using "str()" we can find length of the list. In tha above program you can see the length of list shown as three.
  • You can access the list contents through the index. print(list_example[0]) will print the entries in the list of index zero.
  • print(list_example) will print all the list with brackets ['apple', 'banana', 'cherry'].
  • By using for loop also we can print all the contents in Python.
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